“I own a few bars in the city and had a close friend I wanted to hire. She didn’t have any bartending experience so I sent her over to CABAM because I had heard they were doing some pretty cool stuff. I wasn’t expecting much but only after 2 weeks, she came on board moving and pouring like a fairly seasoned bartender! I was definitely impressed. These guys are doing something right!
— Justin T.
“I took the bartending course with Shawn and it was a great experience. I felt like I was totally prepared once I got behind a real bar. They also help you out with your resume. I got a job within a week after I finished the course at C.A.B.A.M and I had NO previous industry experience….WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!
— Tyler C.
After spending years in the industry, I can’t imagine a better place to train up and coming bartenders. After seeing the amazing detail in the decor and school set up, CABAM has the best of everything. No better place to learn the art of slinging drinks than in their classes with top of the mark instructors. Go in and check it out. Or sign up for classes and enter the industry as one the best.
— Jayde C.
“This place has blown my mind. I have mad respect for what CABAM is doing. This new establishment is literally revolutionizing the way aspiring bartenders are introduced to the grind house. The training, the hands-on education and interactive workstations are all designed to pump out top notch bar staff. I have been in the service industry for over 10 years and I have never had any confidence or faith in Bartending Schools until now. CABAM will surprise the world! #DrinkCocktailsThinkCocktails
— Sal G.
“I run a local venue up the street and am blown away by what these guys are doing! I’ve worked with Shawn for years and his curriculum is next level. I’m really excited to see the caliber of students he turns out! It’s also beautiful from the intricate woodwork to the copper piping and the Edison Bulbs hanging from the wood beams. Also, the sensors on the bottles?! So cool. If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door and learning everything there is to know about bartending in San Francisco, this is your place. Cheers!
— Julie T.
“Took attended a bartending school about a decade ago to get into the industry, Felt like I barely got by and learned everything on the job the hard and slow way (or the fast way more like it... I was SLOW). Recently decided to RE-UP the skills to get back into the trade and I couldn’t be more impressed with CABAM. Professional to the “T” while precise and totally up to date with all the hot tips and tricks. I feel like I learned as much there as I did in the years I bartended, all condensed into a logical and well thought out curriculum. They’re not a choice among bartending schools... they are the ONLY CHOICE if you want to learn to be a bad ass bartender. Whether it’s your first time pouring or an old badger looking to polish up the skills, you need to get a hold of these guys ASAP. As a cool side note, I used to bartend at The Infusion Lounge, so going back there for advanced classes was AWESOME! Thanks again to Mike, Shawn and their incredible staff!
— Woodiwys