Timothy Sowards

INSTRUCTOR - 2002, that was the year Timmy came to San Francisco. We can't tell you he had a meteoric rise, but he put his time in, and that's what builds the character we need to pass on to those looking for a shortcut. More than anything else, Tim knows the value of working behind the plank, stick, rudder or whatever euphemism is used these days to simply say bar.    

Unlike most behind the lumber, Timmy is a no nonsense guy. He witnessed the rise of the craft movement through the fortitude it had in 2005 when swimming upstream, to the mainstream appeal it enjoys today. Working mostly in non pretentious establishments, he has embraced  the trends he believes to be most practical - such as the use of fresh citrus. Yet, he holds strong against other practices less useful, such as the current laws governing the use of ice, and openly defies the Ice Gestapo.

He began his career as the door guy in SF's Richmond District. Moving his way up through the ranks, after two years he was managing a music venue called Last Day Saloon, now known as Neck of the Woods. After an ownership change, they insisted he go through bartending school - which few know actually lowers workers comp and insurance premiums. He had is training paid for and completed the course at the now closed "National Bartending School" on Market Street.

He become intrigued by his experience at the bartending school, so after graduation, he accepted the offer to teach classes himself. Tim then worked as an instructor for 7 years, becoming a rare breed of bartender who consistently wakes up by 7am to teach morning classes after ending a shift at 3am behind the bar - never calling in sick.

In the past several years, he has worked as a bartender / bar manager at other locations including Bacchus Kirk (downtown), Dirty Trix Saloon, Rockit Room, and is currently a senior bartender at Golden Gate Tap Room (Union Square), and the 540 Club (Richmond District SF). His experience behind the bar, in conjunction with his experience teaching and an easy going attitude make him an invaluable asset to CABAM's diverse training program.