SF Mixology

SF Mixology holds cocktail classes, hosts private events (including corporate team-builders), helps with home bar programs, and consults on all things professionally bar-related.

Essential Mixology

This is their magnificent flagship course. A SIX hour course designed for the serious connoisseur or professional bartender and is an all inclusive class crammed into one day.

  • CABAM students receive 50% discount

Spirits Evolution

SFM's Spirits Evolution class focuses on the intriguing history of alcohol itself. 2 hours. 7 spirits. 25 tastings. 2,000 years of alcohol history.

Trace the birth of distillation through the ages into Arabia, Europe, and the new world. Remain comfortably seated while we move your palate through time with 2 hours of intense tastings. 

  • CABAM students receive 75% Discount

Team Building

Our unique off-sites will have your team learning new skills, working together, and innovating delicious cocktails - together! 


We've made event planning into a science. With our expertise, your guests will enjoy killer cocktails, while you save money on bar costs.


SFMixology provides education and consulting services for alcohol and beverage service professionals who wish to increase their productivity, knowledge, and earning power. We also work with businesses to create workshops and classes to train their employees and representatives.

Retail managers and brand representatives we have worked with have benefited by increased knowledge of their product line. By solidifying their core competencies, companies can expect improved quality of service, general increased understanding of the industry and specific brands, as well as improved knowledge of current mixology trends by their representatives and employees.