Job Placement Assistance?

••We are aware that most bartending schools guarantee job placement. Unfortunately, this is far from reality. If any school, bartending or otherwise, says they will get you a job, its validity should be questioned. 

We will NOT con you into signing up with the promise of a job. However, your success is our success - and we want you to succeed! We offer all of the tools and support you need to find the right job for you. You will have access to:
• Top-notch resume and interview assistance from leaders who have years of experience hiring bartenders.
• Computers and printers to make a killer resume, plus examples of successful resumes that you can use for inspiration.
• An immense network of industry contacts and CABAM friends
• The opportunity to guest bartend at some of the many high-profile bars we work with.
• Opportunities with our sister company, SF Mixology, an events company that executes dozens of bartending events a week, regularly hires top graduates. 
• So much more!

Come see us for a free intro class, and judge for yourself if CABAM is right for you.


Is it hard to get my first job?

We're not going to lie; it can be difficult to snag your first bartending job. However, with our strong support and guidance (not to mention training), we are certain we can help anyone can land their first gig - if they work for it. 


What if I have a complicated schedule?

If you have a difficult or unusual schedule - not to worry! We can create a custom schedule just for you, extend your training beyond the usual 2 weeks (if needed), and help you keep track of your progress. There are a lot of opportunities to catch a lesson you've missed or get in some necessary practice.


Will I be certified/licensed after the course?

You receive a a level above the normal Certificate of Bartending. We offer the brand new Master Certificate of Bartending.

We also provide a unique discount code (upon completion) to help you get TIPS Certified (Responsible Serving Certificate). This certification gives you a leg up when it comes time to applying for a job. 

How much does it cost?

$399.00. We are a brand-new company, and this introductory price is guaranteed to go up. For those having trouble paying all at once, we have payment plans available. You will always have the opportunity to put only $99.00 down, begin taking classes, and spread the rest of your payments across several months after you graduate.  



Our storefront is directly on Market Street in downtown San Francisco, 1 block in either direction from BART and MUNI lines! 

Street parking is tough, but there is an alley behind us (the 500 block of Stevenson St.) that often has parking. However, there are three parking lots within a block of the school. Just ask us, we are here to help.