The Truth about the Bartending Certificate.

We get a lot of inquiries about bartending certificates and licenses. How did we used to respond? Since we set out to change the status-quo, we told people the truth. The bartending certificate is fictitious, and only exists in word processing programs at bartending schools. Yup, it's a scam. 

We used to have this information glaring on the home page of our website.   We were proud of our activism, that is, until we kept getting the same response. Many folks, even after being told this fact, still felt our program, absent store bought diploma inked with a name, was somehow less credible than schools providing certificates. 

Yup, a bartending school who would have you believe a certificate is needed to bartend has more credibility than us. Okay we thought, perhaps we can't change the industry right away. Let's provide a certificate! Realizing it takes zero credentials and not even a small stipend to the government to issue a bartending certificate, we decided to exercise freedom.  Alright, we'll call our certificate something cool, and reflecting our program - compared to others. 

We had some laughs toying with different names:

  • Super Bartending Certificate
  • Maximum Bartending Certificate
  • Masterchief Certificate of Bartending
  • Highest Possible Bartending Certificate
  • Super Duper "all u need" Certificate of Bartending Stars

In the end, we decided on a more reasonable approach. We now issue the all powerful, "Master Certificate of Bartending". Yay, we now have credibility, and the sales started happening. Cool, we wont be broke after building the most expensive bartending school in the country.

All better? Not quite, we couldn't stand the current state of being, and felt like traitors. Don't worry I said, we'll write a blog about the truth, and tag it on our homepage. Sooo, here it is!

Whether people read it or not, we feel better knowing it's there.  So no, you don't need a bartending certificate of any kind - to do anything - behind a bar. But not only that - IF you go around showing a bartending certificate to any would-be employer, you'llmost certainly obliterate your chances of getting a job there. In fact, if whispers of this reach the bar staff, you may not even get served while those who remember you are still alive.

Now you know.