unlikely partnership

We knew the end product couldn't include cell-phones strapped to every bottle. After a lengthy search, we were able to find a company who were amenable to working with our unique needs. They're called, Beverage Metrics, and they're using accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide pour tracking technology for hotel bars.

Since we are a self-funded startup, we didn't have a lot of budget for the BevMet hardware. Hopeful,  we approached them and described our innovative concept. Excited, they decided to partner with us.

Now, using Bevmet sensors, we reverse engineered their data handlers, and built new software more in-tune with our needs, i.e. updating 10 times a second (vs. 1 time).  This is the first of its kind and we're glad to announce the creation of a very unique learning experience.  

Shawn RefouaComment