early days: our first tests

Our first tests included strapping our cell phones to bottles. The same accelerometer which informs your phone about screen orientation, was re-purposed to evaluate bottle tilt and track pour amounts per unit of time.  

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unlikely partnership

We knew the end product couldn't include cell-phones strapped to every bottle. After a lengthy search, we were able to find a company who were amenable to working with our unique needs. They're called, Beverage Metrics, and they're using accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide pour tracking technology for hotel bars.

Since we are a self-funded startup, we didn't have a lot of budget for the BevMet hardware. Hopeful,  we approached them and described our innovative concept. Excited, they decided to partner with us.

Now, using Bevmet sensors, we reverse engineered their data handlers, and built new software more in-tune with our needs, i.e. updating 10 times a second (vs. 1 time).  This is the first of its kind and we're glad to announce the creation of a very unique learning experience.  

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bottle vs. bottle

Holy Moly, we underestimated the level of complexity and time it takes to acquire all the bottles, calibrate them, and construct an efficient, effective program which utilizes as many individually tracked bottles as possible. But we made it through, and now have a program which feels more like journey.

Why are we so excited about showing you how to use it? The program let's you jump in and out of drills at your own speed. Among other things we measure: 
--> Customer wait time to be greeted  
--> Drink production time

--> Drink accuracy (too much, too little, missing items, etc)
--> Did you have to look at the recipe?
--> Did you have to ask again what was ordered? 
--> And more, all measured electronically, and presented via a user profile. 

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virtual customer?

At first, we hired our friend, Erin Lee, to photograph 50 people (also our friends), and cartoonify them to be customers in our Bartender Drill App. However, when we were done building the interface, we realized they didn't matched the theme. So we've replaced them with actual cartoons.

These cartoon characters are your customers in drills which intensify as you progress. Conversations fade away, and you have to deal with up to 4 simultaneous characters ordering a multitude of drinks.  This allows instructors the freedom and flexibility to provide feedback and train individually.

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academic score

Your performance is recorded permanently and individual metrics are accessible in various graphs, and depths of analysis.  Yes, every mistake you made is spelled out so you don't forget what to practice.  Furthermore, during drills, a leaderboard appears on the large 4K flat screens, so you can see how everyone else is doing as well. 

We've put together a curriculum teaching both the knowledge and body mechanics critical to a bartending foundation. This alongside a unique social experience where students can work together and elevate proficiency across the board

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