3. Follow up by S. Refoua

on June 9th, 2016 Shawn Refoua writes:

Thanks David!! 

Yeah, that's what I was thinking about the Press. The only issue for me is the fact that it's not ordered as a "Vodka Press". I'm surrounded by nightclub bartenders and they all tell me it's simple ordered as a "Press", and the expectation is vodka. They tell me those who order the Press (usually youth) don't even know it's short for Presbyterian. And the "Press" has variations of its own - in the form of flavored vodka, i.e. Blueberry Press.  Does this make a difference? 

My thinking is by creating a separate drink using the nomenclature used when ordering - Press - and putting it in the "Eco" path (nightclubs), it gives students more reference, one connected to an ordering paradigm and a physical schema of producing the drink.  Thoughts?

By "Activism", I mean expressing Bias. Expressing personal opinions about, for example, the cherry/orange muddled Old fashioned. What I'm doing right now is expressing to students current trends, perceptions, and why we believe they occurred / are occurring. Leaving personal opinion out of it. 

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