1. Discussion with David Nepove. Shawn writes

Hey David,

I have a quick question. First, I'd like to apologize for my rant in the last email. I get a little emotional because I get bar-school-haters walking through the doors daily, and with no sales to speak of, sometimes I feel like an idiot.

Okay, now for the quick question. I'm wondering if you feel the school should be "activist" oriented? Unlike the intro class you came to, right now we are practicing no activism. The class you attended is most definitely bias, and is meant to be a "show". One marketed exclusively to upper middle class cocktail interests.  

On June 8th, 2016 Shawn writes:

Here is a small, but interesting, example of whether or not to be inclusive and activist, or just tell it like it is: 

  1. Currently in nightclubs, young people order a "Press" and expect Vodka/Soda/7-up 
  2. However, we know traditionally "Press" is short for "Presbyterian" and is Whisky/Soda/GAle

This is what we currently have: 

  1. Press: http://sfm-driller.herokuapp.com/#/drinklists/Highballs/Press
  2. Presbyterian: http://sfm-driller.herokuapp.com/#/drinklists/Highballs/Presbyterian
  3. And we explain if it's ordered as "Press" you make number 1. If they order a "presbyterian" AND/OR customer is over 40 then you make number 2.   

You have any thoughts? Thanks! 


P.S. Lots of bartenders don't think about the difficulty in creating bar school curriculum. I wish that were different. I'm running out of fight. :)

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