We have put years of research and experience into building the school and its programs. We're aiming to help you reach your goal, whether that’s landing your first job in the industry or impressing your friends at home. CABAM was built with flexibility in mind. Our curriculum and content spans all bar and drink genres - after CABAM, you'll be prepared to work in any environment and every situation.  





In some ways, CABAM is like any other school. Once you graduate, it doesn't mean you know everything about bartending and perform at the highest level in your field. Your education here is a foundation, and having a good foundation should be your number one priority when starting out bartending. Our goal is to give you a foundation with longevity, one which will not be subject to great change. Changing your mechanics once they're automated can be challenging down the road.

Reasons you can't teach an old bartender new tricks

Our curriculum is not a product of one person's bartending beliefs. At CABAM, we use data and research to build out our lesson plans. We've collected reams of data, cross-referenced years of styles, and involved dozens of bartenders in how we've developed. The result of all this work is a curriculum that covers 3 main bartending styles, each with its own set of priorities and service differences.

  1. Entertainment Venues: Nightclubs, Concerts, etc.
  2. Restaurants: Focus on food and/or Wine
  3. The Bar: Focus on and around the Bar - Dives, Cocktails, etc.



After Prohibition, classic bartending styles were largely forgotten, and Americans got used to drinking sub-par cocktails. Until recently, bartending was pretty unstructured, and standards were nowhere to be seen. Bartending schools followed suite, and were unimpressive, to say the least.

In recent years, standards have increased, with beautiful cocktails everywhere you look. The time is right to put academic standards in place to ensure excellence in the bartending world.

In Europe, bar schools are respected institutions, but we have some catching up to do here. That's why we're here, because it doesn't get more bona-fide than CABAM. It's the right time and the perfect place to bring America up to speed - starting with CABAM's very first location - right on Market Street in San Francisco.



Our Monday-thru-Friday classes teach identical content, regardless of timeslot. Students who can't make a Monday morning class can come in that evening and experience the same content with a different instructor and classmates.

Each student receives an iPad at the beginning of class that day. This is how students interact with CABAM, and how CABAM keeps tabs on student progress. Our systems let students construct their own lesson plans. If one student is already familar with formal wine service, he can skip that lesson and instead do more practice drills.

There are 5 types of lessons at CABAM:

  1. Lecture Material and Demos
  2. Drills using iPads
  3. Drink Presentations on Flat Screens
  4. Workshops (i.e SmartTabs POS training)
  5. Exams



CABAM has a diverse pool of instructors who have worked locally for many years. In fact, the parners at C.A.B.A.M. are bartenders who saved up enough to open this school. Check out who we are here.

What else do we have?

  • An open door policy - come as you are! We welcome everyone.

  • A convenient location, making return visits easy and welcoming.

  • Computers and printers to work on.

  • Individual profiles where your performance and progress is stored so that it's there when you need it.

We also partner with SF Mixology. This partnership gives our students:

  1. Bartending Opportunities
  2. Steep discounts on spirits and mixology classes
  3. A large network of bars providing opportunities to practice 'in the real world'